5 Delicious Summer Snacks

summer snacks

Enjoy easy-to-make summer snacks for the whole family!

Now that summer is approaching, more people are spending their time outdoors engaging in physical activity and filling their calendar with fun family outings. With these outings, summer snacks are a must. Healthy snacking is a good way to add additional nutrients into your body and also helps you avoid overeating during meals and maintaining your blood sugar levels. Here are some healthy and fun summer snacks that both adults and children will love.

Frozen Watermelon Popsicle

It’s a simple one-ingredient recipe that is healthy and not too sweet. These treats aren’t technically popsicles – just frozen watermelon wedges on sticks, but the name helps get children in the mood to eat them, especially on those hot summer days. Watermelons are about 92% water and are full of nutrients – making them some of the best summer snacks. To make your own frozen watermelon popsicles, click here. For adults who need a little extra, try these Frozen Watermelon Wine Slushies.

No-Bake Fruit and Chocolate Pizza

Making children eat healthy food can sometimes be a challenge, and sometimes you have to get creative. Pizza is a word kids love to hear, so it makes sense to try and make it healthy to eat and fun to create. This fruit pizza is a very flexible snack for all types of picky eaters. For the recipe, click here.

Rainbow Smoothie Pops

Popsicles are classic summer snacks that both children and adults love. You can use your favorite fruits or vegetables to create one or more different flavors and have fun doing it. This is a fun way to give yourself and your kids the nutrients they need from fruits and vegetables in a creative way. For the recipe, click here.

Kids’ Play Plate

Parents are always telling their kids not to play with their food, but what if playing with their food helps them eat it? For the picky eaters who shuffle their unwanted food around on their plate, this is a fun way to keep them busy and snacking in a healthy way. With these artful plates, children don’t see healthy food as an objective set up by their parents. They see these colorful fruits and vegetables as fun shapes and may be more inclined to eat them. For instructions on how to create these plates, click here.

Apple Nachos

There isn’t a lot of preparation involved with this simple recipe, and it’s a good way to get kids to eat their fruit. The dark chocolate is an added bonus for kids, since it has more antioxidants than milk chocolate. For the recipe, click here.

What are your favorite summer snacks? Please share your recipe in the comments below, and happy eating!


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