6 Delicious Turmeric Chicken Recipes

turmeric chicken recipes

You’ll love these 6 delicious turmeric chicken recipes!

Turmeric is gaining a lot of buzz these days as a health-boosting superfood, but it’s actually been around for centuries. South Asian cuisines and homeopathy consider turmeric a staple spice to be used in cooking and treating all sorts of aches and pains. A culinary and nutrition powerhouse, turmeric tastes amazing, while also offering a wide range of health benefits including pain relief and weight management. It’s also beneficial for boosting your heart, brain, and skin health.

Add Turmeric to Your Diet

Are you curious about how to incorporate turmeric into your diet? We’ve gathered some of the best turmeric chicken recipes on the web. This handpicked selection of recipes uses simple ingredients for a healthy, flavorful meal. Read on to discover six simple turmeric chicken recipes that are bursting with flavor!

6 Turmeric Chicken Recipes to Savor

Honey Turmeric Chicken

Ready in just 15 minutes, this easy dinner is a perfect introduction for those who are just exploring how to use turmeric. Serve with steamed rice or noodles for a mouth-watering dish. Try this recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

Turmeric Chicken and Broccoli Stir- Fry

For those busy days when you need a meal on the table ASAP, this recipe takes a spin on the classic chicken and broccoli combo. High in fiber and packed with nutrients, broccoli is an excellent complement to turmeric chicken, adding color and nutrition for a bright-looking and well-balanced meal. Get the recipe from Tablespoon.com.

Easy Sticky Lemon Turmeric Chicken

A flavor-packed meal that makes a great dish for the family on a weeknight, this lemon turmeric chicken recipe is simple, yet satisfying. The tangy lemon flavor blends well with the aromatic and earthy flavors of turmeric. Click here for the recipe from Simply Delicious.

Ginger Turmeric Chicken and Squash Bowl

This recipe from Goop makes a great meal for those who want to lose weight, as it fights bloating while loading up on anti-inflammatory properties from ginger and turmeric.

Sri Lankan Coconut and Turmeric Chicken Curry

Creamy, colorful, and nutrient-rich, this chicken curry delivers quite a punch with its savory flavors! It’s an easy way to jazz up your midweek meal routine. Check out this recipe from Delicious.

Turmeric Chicken and Rice

If you want a tasty and satisfying dinner, but hate the hassle of cleaning up after, this easy turmeric chicken and rice recipe may be right for you. One-pot recipes save you from washing-up while maximizing the flavor of your dish. Try this recipe from Food and Wine.

What are you waiting for? Try these delicious turmeric chicken recipes and enjoy the amazing flavors while reaping all the health benefits.


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