Best Food Trends of 2018

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Here are 6 of our favorite food trend of 2018!

At the beginning of the year, it was obvious to food enthusiasts that 2018 would usher in some new trends in terms of culinary crazes. Now, nearly halfway through the year, we have seen quite a handful of these trends reflecting the changing attitudes of individuals in several aspects of their lives including health, environment, community, and belief systems. Keep reading to discover the top six food trends of the year to give you an appreciation for new approaches to dining.

6 Food Trends of 2018 That You’ll Love

Specialized Tea

Tea has often been a special beverage for some, and 2018 has seen the continuation of the craze for special teas. While coffee may still be on the lips of many, the popularity of herbal and green teas continues to grow, and it is certainly not limited to home consumers. There are growing number of tea shops in major cities, and this will likely continue.

True Local Dishes

In different parts of the world, there has been a renewed emphasis on local dishes, and people are buying into the idea more in 2018. Local dishes in this regard do not just mean popular indigenous dishes, but foods made with ingredients sourced entirely from farms and gardens within walking distance. The movement has been fun for many and continues to grow in popularity.

Plant-Based Protein

While there are people that can’t do without their chicken, beef, or other meats, there are many other people embracing veganism. The consequence of this is a return to plant-based proteins, and chefs are finding creative ways of incorporating these ingredients in meals. Meat-free diets have been around for years, but 2018 has also seen an improvement in originality and general appeal for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

Alternative Sweeteners

Another food trend currently making waves in 2018 is based in sugar-free, alternative sweeteners. While some deny it, the majority of us love our foods slightly sweet and will do anything to make it so. Processed white sugars have been the easiest sweeteners, but their health consequences have pushed people into seeking alternative sweetening options, and there are lots of them available now. From agave syrup to stevia to local honey, natural sweeteners help foodies sweeten meals without adding so many calories.

Insta-Inspired Everything

It doesn’t really matter if Instagram is your thing or not, it has already become a popular social media platform on which Millennials and others share their dining experiences – from the latest matcha tea they drank to the healthiest poké bowl they ate. This word-of-mouth, visual marketing style has created a buzz not only for the people taking the photos but also to the restaurant owners themselves. In response, it is now very common to see dining establishments focusing on creating picturesque, social media-friendly table settings with Insta-worthy food choices and decor.

Gut-Friendly Diets

Many people are becoming conscious of their gut health, and this has been reflected in the food trends of 2018. Probiotics, digestive enzyme supplements, dark leafy vegetables, whole grains and fiber-rich ingredients that promote healthy digestion are fast becoming integral parts of people’s diets this year.

There you have it! These are some of the latest food trends in 2018. What other food trends of the year have you noticed? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comments section. Thanks and happy eating!


Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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