Celery Seed Salad Dressing

Celery Seed Salad Dressing

Learn how to make a delicious celery seed salad dressing!

Have you tried to make your own salad dressings yet? You should! Not only is it super fun to tailor your tastes to your specific salad, but you can also save yourself tons of extra calories, while knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Lately, with warmer weather popping up, I’ve been obsessed over experimenting with celery seed. There are a couple of reasons for that… one, it’s delicious (it tastes exactly like fresh celery), and two, it’s incredibly good for you! Keep reading to learn how to make your own celery seed salad dressing!

Potential Health Benefits of Celery Seed

Something that can get rid of bloat and help me get ready for swimsuit season… sign me up! I got the idea to use it in a salad dressing after casually reading the back of my “all natural” dressing bottle while simultaneously shoveling forkfuls of greens into my mouth. I was shocked to see the amount of calories, saturated fat, and SUGAR that I had just willingly poured all over my lunch. Even more annoying, the ultra-good-for-you “extra-virgin olive oil” it promoted on the front turned out to be a “blend” of vegetable oils on the back. Oh heck no! That bottle went straight into the recycling bin, and I headed straight to the kitchen to get to work!

Celery Seed Salad Dressing Recipe


½ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons rice vinegar

½ teaspoon celery seed

⅛ ground mustard

½ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ dried minced onion

¼ teaspoon sea salt (more if wanted)

Perfect Warm Weather Salad


2 cups mixed greens

½ cup arugula

½ of fresh avocado – diced

1 cage free hard boiled egg – diced

¼ cup cucumber – large diced

¼ grape tomatoes – halved

¼ cup crumbled goat cheese

1 tablespoon toasted pepitas

How to Make This Salad


Mix all ingredients into a salad dressing shaker, you can easily find them online or at any kitchen accessory store. Shake well and drizzle over the fresh greens before adding the toppings. Grab a pair of tongs and toss the greens to coat. Add the cucumber and tomatoes, toss to coat. Top with the crumbled goat cheese and toasted pepitas.

Note: I toast my pepitas in a mini non-stick egg pan. Put the heat on medium-low and shake the pan ever once in a while to avoid burning.


Do you make your own salad dressings? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below!


Photo by Travis Yewell on Unsplash

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